Policies & Guidelines

Cancellations: As with most practices, I ask that you cancel at least 24-hours in advance (48 hours is preferable). This is so that I can offer your time to someone else who may be waiting for an appointment. If a session is canceled within 24-hours, you will be charged the full session fee. I understand however, that people get sick or have emergencies from time to time. If this happens, I will waive the fee on a case by case basis. If the fee is waived twice, I will no longer be able to waive the fee for future cancelations that are less than 24-hours unless it is a true emergency (e.g. a hospital stay, life-threatening event, etc.).

Running late: If you are late to session, please contact me to let me know you are running late (text or email). Please be aware that you will lose time from your session as we will still end on time. This is to ensure that I am not also running late for the next person. If you are more than 30 min late, unless discussed in advance, I will assume you are not attending and the full fee will be charged. If I am running late, I will contact you to let you know in advance and will do my best to give you back the time that was missed. If I am unable to do so, I will reduce the fee by a pro-rated amount according to the amount of time that was missed.

Expectations for Attendance: Regular attendance is expected every week unless otherwise discussed in session. This is so that your treatment can be optimized and progress with minimal interruptions. There are times when treatment frequency may need to be modified, for example during holidays or vacations, or when treatment is ending. As long as it is discussed and agreed upon in session, then breaks or changes in frequency can be managed with minimal effect on progress. If cancellations occur with regularity (e.g. once or twice per month), or for several consecutive weeks, we will need to end treatment as this would not be productive for our work together.

Privacy & Confidentiality: Protecting your privacy is essential to our work together. There are some exceptions to confidentiality which will be clearly reviewed and outlined during your first session. For more information on laws governing your privacy and confidentiality, you can reach out to me here or see the HIPAA rules for NYS: https://www.omh.ny.gov/omhweb/hipaa/phi_protection.html

Billing for Insurance Reimbursement: For insurance purposes, I will include your diagnosis on your bill, because insurance companies generally do not reimburse psychotherapy sessions without a diagnosis. For those not being reimbursed by insurance, I am happy to omit this information at your request. During treatment I generally will not focus on a particular diagnosis (unless expressly asked to) as I prefer to work with people free from any label or potential stigma associated with mental health diagnoses.

Contact in between sessions: If you need to contact me outside of our session time, please call me and leave me a voice message. Although I may not be able to get back to you right away, I will try to return your call within 24 hours. I also offer phone sessions when people are out of town, are sick or need additional support. However, face to face sessions are highly preferable to phone sessions. If there is a true emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

Texting: Texting your therapist is considered a form of telehealth communication, and therefore is subject to the rules and regulations under HIPAA. Please be aware that texting is not a secure form of communication and that your privacy can be easily compromised. For this reason, I ask that you refrain from communicating anything private or clinical in nature through text and reserve texting for matters related to scheduling or if you are running late to session.