Family Therapy

Families are complicated. Every person has their own individual role within their own family. Challenges often surface when one (or more) members change their role, often triggering confusion and conflict between family members. I like to focus on the systemic issues operating within a family as well as the broader community surrounding it. In order to improve family functioning, I like to work on existing communication patterns, hierarchy, and individual ways of managing conflict between members as well as parenting and issues that come up when raising children and teens. I use active exercises and problem-solving techniques to change maladaptive patterns of functioning. Some of the issues that are addressed in family counseling include:

  • Boundary issues
  • Family Role Challenges
  • Managing conflict
  • Communication break-downs
  • Behavioral issues in children and adolescents
  • Rules, rewards, consequences for children
  • Parenting techniques
  • Adjustment to new family additions or separation